The 4 P’s
Business Waits for Nobody

To succeed you need a system that helps you see your plans clearly, and prompts you and your team to step up. The 4 P’s achieve this, all day long.

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Richard is an author, trainer, public speaker and motivator with 30 years of experience gained owning and managing companies in the USA and Canada. His experience includes the selling of, or selling to financial services, psychometric hiring assessments, sales training, architects and engineers. Through his tenure he has created and participated in success and has also been through some tough times which has armed him with the material that makes up his facilitations and programs. He has spoken to large groups throughout the US and Canada, and has trained many sales people, sales managers, general managers and presidents.

Richard’s material leans heavily on the ability and commitment of those willing to do what it takes to succeed. He urges participants to apply discipline as business and life itself is NOT easy, and one’s ability to “self-coach” and also coach others is critical.

He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, automotive dealership groups, chambers of commerce, Rotary clubs and has appeared on TV discussing business and success.

The 4 P’s “Business Waits for Nobody”

The course follows a simple, proven formula involving detailed courses, recorded sessions, questions and supporting material.

Starting with the first P, the user is guided through the process of PLANNING , and is urged to think things through, capture their thoughts and involve others in order to see clearly what they are up against. People need a plan otherwise they simply do what they do without focus, ending up short of their potential and their expectations.

The next P is PREPARATION . There has been many a good plan that cratered due to poor preparation and Richard emphasizes the importance of detail in order to earn the success that is possible. The preparation phase helps the creator of the plan to see what lacks in their plan and helps shore things up. This is akin to an architect who’s plan simply sits on the monitor as without preparation it is just an idea.

The third P is PRACTICE . Practice you ask? Well … every successful company, sports team and musical band understands the value of practice. Look at anything you are good at; did you achieve your level of competence by doing it once? Of course not, the more you practice the better you get at everything. Practice will help you cull those who simply show up at work and do not contribute to your plan and hold up any preparations that are needed.

The final P is PERFORMANCE . This one is simple as if you have applied yourself in the prior P’s, your performance will go well. To draw once again on successful & profitable companies, sports teams or musical bands, those that are good and win, practice all the time. The members know the plan, are prepared in every way they can be, are practiced in what they do and as a result they perform well.

Success is not magical, does not rely on luck, and is not “just” for others, you can enjoy success as well, but to do so you will need discipline and a system to follow. That system is the 4 P’s. Why limit yourself to your current ways of thinking and doing things?


This course is designed to help those who seek success in business and life.

The 4 P’s: Plan, Prepare, Practice and Perform and are the key ingredients in successful companies and sports teams, and not to mention the military. Through this course at Ingomu Learning you can tap into Richard, his material, and his input.

Make Richard and the 4 P’s part of your success formula.


An easy to understand, simple to use system that delineates the steps required to empower you and your team. The materials include six videos that walk you through the lessons; a work book with many questions that only you can answer; support materials that you will use as you create your unique reality, and a PDF copy of my book entitled “YOU Working With YOU”, A Roadmap to Self-Mastery.


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What to say to get your company to pay for this course!


Building a winning team and culture should be the quest of companies, organizations and teams. The 4 P’s delivers both a lesson and a method that helps drive performance. Given that motivated people want and need to improve, this course is one of those essential bodies of work that leaves a mark. The questions and videos that guide the learner are steeped in experience from the years the author spent applying himself in the market where he earned substantial success and also faced tough times. With tenure being what it is within most companies these days, it is refreshing to be able to invest in a program that helps create momentum and build success, without the bruises and cuts business has a way of delving out.


The company will benefit from the results of this program commensurate with the effort applied. When the learner takes it upon themselves to step up, learn new methods, create positive habits and subsequently earn more confidence and competence, the company will compete at a higher level, earn more revenue and will have contributed to a positive culture. The leaner will then be able to lead others by example further justifying the investment in the 4 P’s. Culture is a fragile entity, and when those on the payroll are literally on the same page as a result of participating in a program such as this, the culture will take a decidedly positive step forward.


There are many reasons why you need to not only know the 4 P’s, but to apply them on a daily basis, chief among them is that they act as a roadmap, keeping people on track, focussing their efforts, enhancing their skills and abilities leading to repeated high levels of performance.

Although most people know the meaning of the word “planning” , it is something that lacks in detail for too many companies and organizations. People show up, work goes on, and the company stutters along until it simply runs aground. The 4 P’s delivers relevant plans based on the current moment guiding the company forward similar to a GPS.

Proper preparation will support the plan and illuminate information shortfalls, oversights of details, steps needed to turn the plan from idea / dream to reality. Poor preparation has sunk many a good plan.

Practice is the too often forgotten step. Where people will practice golf, music and other social activities that pay them nothing, they too often simply show up to work where they earn 100% of their revenue without ever applying themselves and improving as a result. Practice is what differentiates the winners from losers.

Performance , is what everybody seeks, and yet it cannot and does not occur on its own. Performance is the direct result of planning, preparing and practicing. For those owners, managers / coaches and leaders the 4 P’s provides a system that encourages thinking and action, supported by well-honed abilities.


Just look at the cost of human capital and how it can be your greatest asset or your heaviest liability. The quest is always about maximizing on the assets your company deploys on a daily basis. Successful and profitable companies need to see a solid ROI otherwise they simply experience failure.

The 4P’s are all about investing a relatively tiny amount of capital in order to reap a sizeable return.

This program will clarify what the plan is, align resources such that preparation supports the plan, it will energize your people creating a team environment and strengthening your culture, with the end result being a solid performance equating to the ROI you are most interested in.

Training and learning is NOT a wasted expense, it is an investment that provides an ongoing return in more ways than you can count.

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