When it comes to self leadership, happiness and living a full-bodied, authentic life, Maura Sweeney has taken the journey. Her course offers the riches of personal stories and life lessons designed to help others do the same. As a child, Maura dreamed of traveling the world, making friends and publishing ideas to inspire the best in society. Though kept indoors and groomed by parents for a career in law, she she realized at age 23 that her body could no longer support someone else’s design for her future. Exiting law school and a well prepared future identity, Maura set out to pioneer her own path to purpose, passion and self-determination. Finding her initial passion in executive recruitment, Maura later enjoyed a decorated corporate management career and a few years time as a home schooling mom. With her daughter college bound, Maura set out to make a global mark in her own right. Today, she's an Author, Podcaster, and International Keynoter featured hundreds of times in the media for her paradigm-shifting views on Influence, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. With an eclectic background of geopolitical interests and travels to 60 countries, Maura has a rare ability to help others reach into their own lives and draw up personal leadership, happiness and authenticity.



This community centers on introspection and personal enlightenment with an eye on self-leadership, happiness and personal authenticity. Employing over 100 pages of text, dozens of videos and audio recordings, and reflective opportunities for creating new intentions and behaviors, this course is designed around familiar elements that bring unity, understanding and uplift one and all.

Elements of the course include: one's source and identity; mental backdrops; forgiveness, reconstruction and gratitude; personal responsibility; and pursuing one's destiny from the inside out.

Members of this learning community should expect to:
deconstruct some of their most limiting beliefs; reframe their mental narratives; step into grander, more fully expressed versions of themselves; unearth greater happiness, peace and authenticity through forgiveness and courage; discover their intrinsic value, talents and personal wealth; and move toward their life purpose and destiny. With Maura as coach, mentor and cultural climate setter, participants can expect a healthy blend of challenge, grace and safety of community.


This community will be utilizing a combination of written text (approximately 100 pages in length) as well as several dozen audio files and videos in exploration and growth toward personal leadership, happiness and authenticity.

Specific modules include the following:
Module 1: You and Your World
Module 2: Backdrops, Thoughts & Intentions
Module 3: Forgiveness & Debt Relief
Module 4: Reconstruction & Gratitude
Module 5: Responsibility & Destiny
Module 6: Destiny


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  • Module 1: You and Your World

    Do you view yourself as an insignificant spec in a chaotic and insane universe, or as a unique representation of beauty, wisdom and order projecting into a benevolent cosmos? Consider the origins of the universe and your place within it.

  • Module 2: Backdrops, Thoughts & Intentions

    Consider the predominant thought that serves as the backdrop to your life, your perceptions and your decisions.

  • Module 3: Forgiveness & Debt Relief

    Reconsider all acquired beliefs that cause you internal confusion, disharmony or fear – regardless of their source. Also explore the topic of forgiveness, an extremely powerful tool for lifting heavy burdens and returning you to peace, joy and wholeness. Also examine the possibility of a connection between forgiveness and financial debt.

  • Module 4: Reconstruction & Gratitude

    For those living in a space of unforgiveness, mental destruction or personal condemnation, this provides time for you to start looking upward. Explore the finding of good in every life experience and examine the role of gratitude, a powerful force for redeveloping your mindset, uplifting your spirit and poising you for experiencing greater happiness.

  • Module 5: Responsibility & Destiny

    Identify specific areas in your life that may require personal attention and purposeful, intentional readjustment. Discover opportunities to take stock of yourself, then make appropriate changes for emerging into emotional adulthood.

  • Module 6: Destiny

    In this final module, you'll gain confidence and hope to continue captaining your own ship on the path to personal leadership, happiness and authenticity. Find supports, reinforcements and reminders for areas needing undoing, retuning or retraining. Discover how to maintain hope when life doesn't always provide smooth sailing. Learn how to occupy your role, gain confidence and enjoy your travel to destiny.

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