Essence Meditation Made Easy...For YOUR Health, Sanity, and Creativity



From a very young age (4-5 years old,) I found myself on the receiving end of many moments I now call “unitive experiences”. Time seemed to stop and veils seemed to pull back as the deeper essence of the moment came forward within me and around me. I liked the feelings these experiences evoked and began to connect the dots that THIS was the key to happiness. The joy was so great I longed for everyone to get to experience this happiness! It was like wanting to share your favorite ice cream cone with a friend.

Curious by nature, deeper questions have been a big part of my life from those moments forward. And these deeper questions lead me presently to believe that Source/Spirit/Life Force are within our very center (figuratively.) Yes, in this LOVE we live and move and have our being.

My journey, probably similar to yours, continues to be an ever unfolding participation in the co-creation of my life. Through dark nights where beauty seems concealed and blissful days where time seems to stop I surrender again and again.



Providing training in how to maintain and build physical, emotional, and psychology health, balance, focus, stamina, peace and joy using meditation and meditation techniques. The course and all its curriculum and practices are designed to set each attendee FREE. Ways to de-stress will be approached directly as stress is named as the number one cause of disease. Even more, ways to unleash each person's ability to remain clear, calm and strong in every part of their lives will give access to the untapped potential that lies therein. The result is even MORE creativity and productivity with MORE ease.


- 6 videos with tips to prepare for the course

8 Week Course Including:
- 2-3 weekly videos offering instruction for each week’s topic
- Direct meditation instruction
- 5 meditations per week introducing you to a new technique each morning
- Weekly integration exercises
- One live meditation per week
- Access to Kimberly via email throughout the course
- weekly progress support in the form of personal outreach from Kimberly to you.

For Groups:
- One 60-minute private session (or two 30-minute sessions) for each participant
- Two webinars with two choices of time and replay options
- Invitation to webinars that happen for the public forum

For Individuals:
- Two 60-minute private sessions
- Invitation to webinars that happen for the public forum


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This subscription gives you unlimited access to the content now available, and future content and lessons added.

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