Voted Woman of Excellence 2018, Jacqueline Ani’s mission is to empower others to fulfill their life’s purpose by teaching them Kingdom strategies and principles and showing them how to apply these strategies to their life, business and career which produces a successful well-being. As a Transformational Leadership Consultant and Strategist, Jacqueline transform lives successfully through their personal challenges knowing that challenges are actually opportunities in disguise. She brings direction and positive change to organisations so that they can produce at their optimum level, creating opportunities for people in their careers. As a Career/Life Coach, Jacqueline has coached individuals to make the transition from stagnant dead-end roles to thriving business entrepreneurial ship projects while investing their newly developed abilities into their potential. As a sought after International Speaker and Radio presenter, Jacqueline's style of delivery encourages and inspires her listeners to step forward and take action no matter what situation they may find themselves in, and in doing so they push beyond boundaries and limitations to success. Jacqueline is the Founder of Jacqueline Ani International and Managing Director of Ani Recruitment & Training Consultants Ltd.


The Mentoring Academy

The Mentoring Academy includes 3 programmes which are as follows:

1. The Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme
2. Turn Your Idea Into a Brand
3. The Trainers Manual

Aims & Objectives of the programmes:

- To build women from the inside out and teaching them the importance of nurturing and developing their inner being.
- To help women discover their true role and how to operate in it.
- To understand, plan and prepare for seasons of change and how to make the best out of each season.
- To discover the talents and gifts that are resources for creating opportunities in your environment.
- To understand how to handle and turn everyday challenges that life presents into opportunities for progress.
- To learn how to identify your call and divine purpose and move in it.
- To identify, develop and use the inherent leadership qualities within to build others.
- To develop mentoring skills of a leader and use it to mentor and empower others.
- To identify strategies to tune one's idea into a brand that will create opportunities and economic viability.
- To create a business plan suitable for investment.
- Understand how to evaluate the performance of your brand To launch your brand in a viable community.


...those who are at a crossroad looking for purpose in their lives, or launching a new initiative or pioneering new projects. Setting up a business from an idea, discovering leadership abilities and how to apply them in the marketplace.


Each course will include handouts, workbooks and podcasts. Refer to each course for details.


Access to each program requires a registration fee as outlined below.

This subscription gives you unlimited access to the content now available, and future content and lessons added in the program you have enrolled in.

Once enrolled, access your program at the LOGIN link above. Browse through the content. Post your questions and comments for the expert, and your fellow community members. Content shared in this community is available to registered participants only.



The Leadership Mentoring for Purpose Programme

This course includes five modules, including: Who Are You? Rediscovering Your Essence; Where Are You? Mind Mapping Your Location Exercise; What Do You Have? Identifying Hidden Skills/Abilities; Overcoming Barriers to Change; and Launching Out!



Turn Your Idea Into a Brand

This course includes seven modules, including: Repositioning Yourself; Defining Your Idea; Confronting the Barriers to Implementing Your Idea; Moving Forward with the Idea; Launching Your Brand; Investing In Your Brand; and Evaluating the Performance of Your Brand.



The Trainers Manual

This course includes three modules.



I highly recommend Jacqueline's course if you have a trainer in you, but need guidance and ideas to organize and present your content to a niche market.

Dr. Taiwo Ayodele Ajayi

I was at "Turn Your Knowledge Into A Training Manual" yesterday. It provided exactly what I needed -and more -on academic, business and spiritual levels. Jacqueline Ani's delivery was excellent. I left enthused and equipped. I highly recommend this course if you need to translate into reality your ideas on delivering training and impacting others on all levels regardless of sector. A big thank you to Jacqueline!

Dr. Leah Godson

Brilliantly executed by my mentor Jacqueline Ani. Dynamic and empowering to say the least. No excuses - Let's walk in our purpose!

Angela Arnold - Solicitor

Graham Legal Angel


Want to learn more about "The Mentoring Academy Series" with Jacqueline Ani? Have questions? Would you like private access for your company, organization or association? Book a one-on-one or group coaching session, or hire the coach to virtually present at your meeting or conference? Reach out and we will connect with you shortly.