One Life ℠ Coaching: A Transformational Blueprint For Living A More Successful and Richer Life



Gaurav Bhalla, Ph.D., is a globally acclaimed ‘thinker-doer” in Leadership, Strategy, Marketing, and Innovation. A provocative, insightful, and entertaining speaker, trainer, and coach, he takes organizations, teams, and individuals on transformational journeys of greater professional success and personal fulfillment. In his 40+ years of global experience, 5 continents, 30+ countries, he has worked with clients in several sectors, such as Glaxo, Capital One, Citi, MetLife, Audi, Marriott, Adobe, and Caterpillar. Additionally, Gaurav has also designed and implemented executive education programs at leading Business Schools like Georgetown and Duke, and for Corporate Universities like Deloitte, and IBM. In 2016, he won a global award, Executive Education Specialist of the Year, for his reputation as a speaker and trainer. His leading-edge thinking is reflected in his HBR article, “Rethinking Marketing,” and his newest book, “Awakening A Leader’s Soul: Learnings Through Immortal Poems.” Currently the CEO of Knowledge Kinetics, he has held senior management and C-level positions at P&G, Nestle, and TNS. What makes Gaurav unique are his diversity of thought and experience, his passion for action, and his WHY - that values the humanity of people over their executive brilliance.


One Life ℠ Coaching: A Transformational Blueprint For Living A More Successful & Richer Life

Six, 60-minute online group coaching sessions. The sessions are an invitation to a journey, so you can see and hear the worlds you live in with a different set of eyes and ears. They also present an opportunity to stop, think, reflect, and have meaningful conversations about integrating the demands on one’s life with me and fellow participants. Yes, there’ll be homework. Because LIFE doesn’t go away, not even on weekends.

Participants will also receive one 30-minute, one-on-one coaching session, to help them jump start their journeys of reimagining and rearranging their One-Life . Participants who complete the coaching program will also receive a certificate of completion.


This course is for individuals who are:

• Struggling to meet the many and varied demands of life, such as work, family, leisure…

• But, who definitely want better!

• Who want to transform and live richer lives; enjoy greater professional success & personal fulfillment


Six, 60-minute online group coaching sessions, plus any worksheets and materials shared by the coach, and one 30-minute personal one-on-one coaching session to help jump start your journey of reimagining and rearranging your One-Life. All participants who complete the coaching program will also receive a certificate of completion.


Access to this course and online community is a one-time fee of $395.

This subscription gives you unlimited access to the content now available, and future content and lessons added in this community.

Once enrolled, access this expert community at the LOGIN link above. Look for an email from the coach with dial up information for the live webinars. Post your questions and comments for the expert, and your fellow community members. Content shared in this community is available to registered participants only.


  • Session 1:
    Honesty, Reality, Clarity

    Launching November 29, 2018

    Integrating the many demands life places on an individual requires honesty, a willingness to see things as they are – reality, and clarity, in terms of how one wants to design one’s own life, so that’s where we’ll start.

  • Session 2:
    Work: A Non-Negotiable Commitment

    Launching December 6, 2018

    It’s because Work is a non-negotiable commitment that many of us fret and frown on how to design a LIFE in which WORK doesn’t overrun everything else that we value and cherish. So we stop here next.

  • Session 3:
    Nurturing and Growing ONESELF

    Launching December 13, 2018

    The all caps are deliberate. Only those who have invested in nurturing, growing, and evolving oneself can have the courage and will to reimagine and rearrange one’s One Life. The rest is all talk and little to no walk.

  • Session 4:
    Relationships and Others

    Launching January 17, 2019

    One’s true character and intent is tested fiercely in honoring the demands posed by relationships and others. This is what separates the grown-ups from those who routinely sacrifice others and always put their own needs first.

  • Session 5:
    Vital Fuel for Reimagining, Rearranging, & Integrating One’s Life

    Launching January 24, 2019

    Reimagining and Rearranging one’s life is vital to integrating the many demands placed on it. This session will discuss critical fuel – thoughts, words, and deeds – that enables individuals to transform their One Life from a mere idea to a vibrant reality.

  • Session 6:
    New and Transformed You

    Launching January 31, 2019

    Looking back to learn, looking ahead to live a richer, more successful, more fulfilling life. What does it look like, what does it feel like, for you and others. Knowing is only a part of the story. Acting on the knowledge is what makes all the difference. Each journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Your journey has begun. You’ve already taken several steps. Let’s keep walking…toward peace…toward happiness.


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Gaurav surpasses all executive coaches I have worked with. His background as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, consultant, educator, and author enables him to coach in a very unique, personal, and customized way.

Senior V.P.

Entertainment & Hospitality

Gaurav invests time in open listening and observation, and quickly absorbs critical details. By leveraging Gaurav’s professional expertise and experience, I was able to add value to my larger team; it benefited my organization and helped me grow personally.

V.P. Financial Services

Gaurav’s advice not only leads to positive outcomes it also helps me fill the knowledge I lack...two months of planning were significantly modified and improved by a few sharp questions from Gaurav.

CEO and Serial Entrepreneur

IT Company


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