Richard has been in the assessments business for 18 years, and has applied them throughout North America and the Bahamas on everything from entry level positions to presidents and CEOs.

Having managed two fortune 500 companies in the US for 8 years he has learned first- hand what happens when hiring is rushed and based on scant data.

Richard Morin is a Certified Professional PXT Select - A Wiley Brand - Coach.


Building Success Through Recruiting
With The Help of Hiring Assessments

In this course you will learn how the inclusion of hiring assessments into recruiting methods will greatly improve the long-term success and prospects of your company or organization. With winning teams populated by people who "fit" the culture of the team in question AND have the capacities and attitude needed to perform, objectivity is critical.

Too often there is a rush to hire which tends to shorten the process, resulting in negative consequences while damaging the culture of your company or organization.

A company or organizational culture is a fragile outcome of decisions and people who add or take away from it.

• An understanding of how adding a hiring assessment can help a process that is fraught with subjective views, decisions that are based on gut feelings, and a bias to hire applicants most like those conducting the interview.
• An appreciation for the interview questions that are generated based on the fit between the applicant and the pattern of the position to be filled.
• A mature view of the applicant’s cognitive ability, which will affect their potential success when performing specific functions.


The target audience for this course are those tasked with recruiting, interviewing, hiring, coaching and building teams where the individuals are expected to perform.


• Sample reports where the prospect can see how the information lays out, view the graphs depicting the % fit between the applicant and the position in question, the interview questions generated through matching the completed assessment vs. the job pattern created, and the behavioral information that helps to coach and lead the applicant.

• A Quick Reference Guide that helps the interviewer see the information as intended. There is no “interpretation” required, the results are written in business English.

• And an introduction to the Step One Survey. (US and Canadian version) • Measures integrity, reliability and work ethic. (US version asks about drug use)


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Having won numerous Customer Satisfaction and Top Dealer/Operator awards, we at London Kia recognize how crucial the experience and culture we’ve created is. All of this wouldn’t be possible without having the right people on board.

That’s why we choose to use PXT Profiles when interviewing and assessing new employment candidates. The interview questions it generates keeps us on track and the graphs showing where the applicant ranks Vs the pattern of the position clearly shows the areas that might be more challenging for us if we hire this person.

Richard Morin has been excellent at facilitating these for us and ensuring we have the tools and coaching guides to develop the candidate we choose to hire.

Evan Sherbanow

General Sales Manager, KIA Motors London

When considering the expense incurred when recruiting, and the expectations of how the new employee will fit in and perform, we found that the use of assessments were a solid addition to our hiring practices.

The Profile PXTS was a useful tool that illuminated the applicant in ways that went beyond resumes, references and interviews. The reports generated by the PXTS provided managers from various locations an enlightened view of the applicants which aided in the selection and management of the best candidates possible.

The process, which was facilitated by Richard Morin of Strategic Business Services Inc. was a valuable tool.

Paul E. Jablonski

Director of Account Sustainability, Cascades Recovery +

I have been using the profile assessments for the past 6 years and found them to be the most consistently accurate, effective hiring tool for our business.

The professional, reliable and efficient service and support from Richard has been amazing, he followed up and followed through providing coaching guides to ensure that the candidate we selected would be successful in their role.

The profile assessments along with Richard have made my selection process smooth, easy, I could not ask for a better tool to work with!

Sian Bevans

Director, Human Resources, Nassau Airport


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