Kelly Leonard is an author, speaker, consultant, TV show host, award-winning CEO, and former Fortune 100 Executive. A corporate trainer with 25+ years serving government, non-profit, private and public industries, Kelly has an innate ability to connect with diverse audiences across disciplines.

Prior to becoming CEO of Taylor-Leonard Corporation (T-LC), Kelly held leadership positions with GE Capital, Kaiser Permanente, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Currently, Kelly oversees Kelly Leonard Consulting; a division of T-LC that helps business leaders leverage LinkedIn to accelerate professional brands and powerfully communicate with their ideal markets. Through her trademarked B.O.O.S.T.® methodology, Kelly has successfully helped thousands of business leaders increase revenue, build profitable strategic partnerships, connect with new clients, land dream jobs, and more. The strategies Kelly teaches were responsible for generating $500k+ in new consulting revenue in company's core technology business in less than 24 months through LinkedIn.

If they can do it, you can, too!


7 Critical Mistakes That Destroy Your Credibility On LinkedIn

Now more than ever, we rely on social media & peer connections to network, exchange best practices, & make business decisions. LinkedIn is a virtual goldmine, offering endless opportunities that can be leveraged for branding, business development, recruiting & more! During this session, you will learn …

• The significance of being A.L.I.V.E.® [Accurate, Locatable, Impactful, Value-Based, and Engaging] on LinkedIn

• Strategies to B.O.O.S.T.® your presence & get noticed among the nearly 600 million LinkedIn profiles

• The seven mistakes that impact your ability to maximize LinkedIn’s value


This course has been designed for:

• Business professionals in transition

• Small business owners

• Entrepreneurs

• Marketing, sales, and business development professionals


A recorded 35-plus minute webinar and checklists to review your LinkedIn profile are included with this course.


Access to this course is free.

This subscription gives you access to the recorded webinar, checklists, and unlimited access to the content available.

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B.O.O.S.T.® Camp Basic

Business branding is common, but personal branding has become increasingly important and strategically positions you for opportunities whether you’re a business owner or business professional. B.O.O.S.T.® Camp Basic will equip you with simple, specific, actionable steps and strategies to Build Your Brand; the 1st and most critical step before you can Optimize Relationships, Obtain More Leads, Secure Thought Leadership Space, and Tap into New Markets using LinkedIn.

Four 90-minute webinars hosted on Mondays, noon to 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time, February 4 through 25, 2019.


B.O.O.S.T.® Camp Advanced

Tired of spending time on LinkedIn without getting measurable business results? Want a repeatable process to identify and engage motivated buyers who need your products/services? Looking for a system to generate highly-qualified, targeted sales leads on a consistent basis? Look no further. This session is perfectly designed for YOU!

This virtual workshop will equip you with the specific steps and strategies to B.O.O.S.T.® your LinkedIn acumen.

Four 90-minute webinars hosted on Thursdays noon to 1:30 p.m. Eastern Time, February 7 through 28, 2019.




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The support, implementation, and accountability Kelly provided me throughout the LinkedIn B.O.O.S.T.® Camp was exactly what I needed to build a strong professional brand on LinkedIn. I highly recommend her webinar series to any business leading who wants to leverage LinkedIn for business development.

Javier A. Herrero, PE

Licensed Engineer & Consultant

Kelly Leonard has mastered the art of using LinkedIn for relationship building in business. If you have a chance to attend one of her workshops or to be personally coached by her I highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity. She will shorten our learning curve and steer you to best practices that will keep your network productive and strong.

Glen Garnes

Speaker and Coach


Want to learn more about this coaching opportunity? Have questions? Would you like private access for your company, organization or association? Feel free to reach out and we will connect with you shortly.