After 35 years unique experience as a leader in business, government and military, plus his role as Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership, Chris knows what will deliver success! The projects he has worked on have won awards, and one has become a Harvard Case Study.

Chris has advised major organisations and Governments on how to get the best from people and focus that to deliver success. He now helps leaders at all levels from USA to Europe, Middle East to India and Asia to Australia through giving them the power to unleash the potential of their own knowledge and experience.


Unleashing your Potential for Success
for CEOs, Directors and High Potentials
Launching January 21, 2019

Chris helps leaders of all types be more successful by unleashing their own potential and experience. In this community he will cut through the confusion about leadership - no complex theories, no confusing models, no irrelevant examples - just things you can do tomorrow that will make a real difference to you, your team and your organization. This course is specifically designed to go in-depth for CEOs, Directors and High Potentials and will address becoming a strategic leader - your journey from operational success to strategic excellence.

Through presentations which develop your knowledge and skills step by step, to supporting information such as articles, self assessments, links to in depth research, podcasts and a copy of his best selling book "Lead to Succeed" Chris will take you on a journey to success. What he will tell you will help you get significant improvements in performance which you can start to achieve at once. The journey will be :

1. Introduction and how are you doing
2. Step 1 - firm foundation - your launchpad for success
3. Step 2 - getting the best from everyone around you - inspiring & being inspired
4. Step 3 - focusing the best on what delivers success - aligning effort onto what really matters and being more entrepreneurial
5. Step 4 - making it happen in the real world - creating an action plan that will work for you

This course give all leaders the tools they need to be more successful.

In-depth courses are available for:

1. HR Leaders - moving from HR Business Partner to HR Entrepreneur
2. Finance Directors - how to 10% + on bottom line for free
3. Firm Foundation Program, covering time management, prioritization, delegation, communication, and giving feedback


This course is ideal for CEOs, Directors and High Potentials who wish to get the best from others and deliver success.

This is a self-paced course at intermediate level.

This course "Unleashing your Potential for Success for CEOs, Directors and High Potentials" launches on December 28, 2018.


This course "Unleashing your Potential for Success for CEOs, Directors and High Potentials" includes 4 video presentations which will develop your knowledge and skills step by step, supporting materials such as articles, self-assessments, in-depth research articles, podcasts and a digital copy of Chris' best-selling book "Lead to Succeed."


Access to this course is a one-time fee of $650US.

This subscription gives you unlimited access to the content now available.

Once enrolled, access this expert community at the LOGIN link above. Browse through the content. Post your questions and comments for the expert, and your fellow community members. Content shared in this community is available to registered participants only.


Lead to Succeed: The Only Leadership Book You Need

By: Chris Roebuck

As leadership is about doing the right thing 25% of the net profits from the book will be donated to the Red Cross.”

Lead to Succeed goes beyond current leadership thinking which is too often focused on narrow delivery objectives, obstructing greater long-term success. Written in an engaging style, the book is aimed at all leaders, current and future: from young students to CEOs of major corporations. Lead to Succeed has been described as “truly great,” a “breakthrough” and an “inspiring must read.” It sets out simple, no cost ways to deliver quantifiable benefits quickly, with just two key steps.

Using an analogy based on the speed of sound, Lead to Succeed introduces the new leadership model of ‘Mach 1’ and ‘Mach 2’ – an approach that works as well for SMEs and not-for-profits as it does for the public sector or large corporations. By inspiring employees and focusing their effort onto what really matters it creates responsive, efficient, customer focused and risk optimised organisations that not only deliver for customers and stakeholders but which help employees reach their full potential and enrich their society. Mach 2 leadership is proven in the real world and forms part of a Harvard Business School case study on organisational success.

It is founded on Prof Chris Roebuck's own 35 years leadership experience and leadership success stories from around the world – his ideas have helped organisations as diverse as US investment banks, London law firms, the UK National Health Service to the Red Cross in Myanmar and leaders of the Chinese Space Programme as well as many other organisations.

Interested in bringing this series to your company or organization?

Bring "Unleashing your Potential for Success for CEOs, Directors and High Potentials" to your company, organization or association. Group discounts available. Send us a note to get started.


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