We buy what we are and we are what we buy.

Michael “wrote the book” on understanding consumers. Literally. Hundreds of thousands of business students have learned about Marketing from his 30+ books including Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being -- the most widely used book on the subject in the world.

Michael’s mantra: We don’t buy products because of what they do. We buy them because of what they mean. He advises global clients ies on marketing strategies to make them more consumer-centric. Michael also is a regular Contributor at, where he writes about retailing, consumer behavior and branding.

As a Professor of Marketing (in the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia) and an industry consultant, Michael combines cutting-edge academic theory with actionable real-world strategies. He helps managers get inside the heads of their customers so they can anticipate and satisfy their deepest and most pressing needs – today and tomorrow. An executive at Subaru said it best: “The man is a scholar who is current and street-wise.”



From Know to Yes: Why People Buy - PART 1

The key to marketing success is meeting your customers’ needs. But how can you do that unless you know what these needs are? These courses will show you how your customers think so that you can design a strategy and product to meet their needs. You will:

• Learn about how consumers think about products and services
• Understand the factors that influence these decisions
• Identify the reasons that customers may choose your brand – or not.

The bottom line: We don’t buy products because of what they do – we buy them because of what they mean.

Why do people throw rice at weddings? Why are the walls of fast food restaurants likely to be painted orange? Why are workers more likely to put aside money for a pension when they have to notify their employer if they don’t want to do so? These and many other questions drive the study of consumer behavior. Understanding the mind of the customer is the bedrock of marketing strategies for successful companies and non-profits. Demand is high for consumer insights specialists who help their organizations to align their products and messages with customers’ needs.

These courses provide an overview of the discipline of consumer behavior. You will understand many of the issues that drive what we buy – even forces that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye.

You will get a framework to understand your customers. We will reinforce basic concepts with examples of actual applications, opportunities for you to apply these ideas to your own situation, and quizzes to be sure you’ve got the major ideas.

At the end you will understand why product decisions are more complicated than they appear – and how you can harness these concepts to meet the needs of your customers.


The content is 7 tracks with narrated videos. I will talk to you about the important concepts you'll need to understand your customers, and throw in a lot of visual examples (both print ads and videos) from around the world to help you see how to apply these. I'll also provide a list of additional resources at the end of each module if you want to continue your deep dive into consumer behavior.


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…an enlightened resource on consumer motivations and shopping habits…. he brings forth new consumer insights that resonate with our diverse audience… I highly recommend Mike Solomon as a speaker if you want your audience to be truly engaged as they learn about fresh, trend-setting consumer insights that are impacting how marketers can use technology to better connect with today’s consumers.

Libby S. Johnson

Market Engagement Manager, Microsoft Advertising

I highly recommend Michael Solomon to be a speaker at any event where you want to educate and entertain your audience. Michael has a wealth of knowledge in the consumer space that was very relevant to our audience of retailers. Not only was he poignant with them, but I received overwhelmingly positive responses from the attendees. The use of media in his presentation also added some flair that took the data from your standard presentation to something memorable.

Sally Stephens

Sr. Channel Marketing Manager, Consumer Marketing, Symantec Corporation

Prof. Solomon…was able to make us think of new ways to use consumer behavior to frame our own activities…. He was able to inject humor to maintain attention yet did not deviate from the basic task at hand that was to educate and provoke thought.

David Friedman

V.P. Marketing, U.S. Cellular


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