Mike is the Founder and President of Harbour Resources, a leadership consulting, training, and talent development firm based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Harbour’s services include speaking, leadership and executive coaching; leadership and communication strength assessments; leadership development for new and emerging leaders and the seasoned leadership professional; and helping to build high performing, customer excellence cultures.

Mike has over 25 years of “REAL WORLD” leadership experience in hospital operations, leadership training and development, sales, talent management, and executive search. He has interviewed thousands of leaders, successfully placed hundreds of leaders, and trained thousands more to live and lead into their full potential as a leader.

Mike’s leadership was tested and honed while serving in the United States Army as a U.S. Army Soldier/Officer. Building on this experience and success, he has led in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. Mike is a leader of leaders.

Mike has become a leading Founding Partner on the world-renowned John C. Maxwell Team as a Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. Mike is a faculty teaching partner on this team of 20,000 plus members. Mike also serve as the Chair Person for the annual John C Maxwell Leadership Award.

Elevating Your Leadership
Launching December 1, 2018

Igniting a leadership transformation, LIFTing growth-driven people and organizations higher in purpose, excellence, and action.

Leadership is the difference maker and the deal breaker. It is how organizations grow and impact lives. But, leadership cannot be an idea that is simply talked about; leadership requires action.

Leadership is hard, people can be messy. However, if leaders grow some skills and abilities they do not naturally possess, leadership can be more effective.

Our mission is to elevate the abilities and skills of leaders who desire to influence others, achieve better results and leave a legacy of leadership.

Gaining access to our community will provide you and your team with proven material that’s practical and immediately applicable. You’ll be connected with other community members as well as Mike. We encourage you to give back to others by posting your questions and comments learning as the expert community grows.


This course is designed for leaders and aspiring leaders desiring more out of their influence of their followers and teams.


This course includes video training, audio recordings, Powerpoint segments, ebooks, podcast and worksheets.


Access to this course and online community is a one-time fee if $149.99. Course launches on December 1, 2018. This subscription gives you unlimited access to the content available.

Once enrolled, access this expert community at the LOGIN link above. Post your questions and comments for the expert, and your fellow community members. Content shared in this community is available to registered participants only.

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You have influenced many areas of my life. I have seen several changes and improvements in my leadership style and also in my personal life. Those around me have commented that I am now more confident in my abilities, and purposefully making connections with my team.

When we started this process, I had fears and challenges to overcome. You have helped me to confront my fears and address those challenges. You are very perceptive and an excellent listener and are able to focus on specific areas for me to grow in. The action plan and goals we developed were designed especially for me and that is the reason why it was successful. The materials you selected for me to use where at the right level for my understanding. This quality of this tool assisted me in comprehension and putting words into practice.

You have been a wonderful mentor who has guided me at whatever level I was at the time. Thank you for your guidance, professionalism and expertise.

E. Almaraz

Healthcare Leader

I feel truly blessed to be participating in the Leadership meetings/sessions with Mike Harbour. He is such an inspiration! Mike is an amazing coach and motivator. I feel like Mike is sincerely vested in me both professionally and personally and genuinely would like to see me succeed. Mike calls and emails regularly to check in with me and give me a nice “boost” when needed. He has helped me to create and develop new goals and is helping me to clearly outline that pathway to achieving those goals. Mike is helping me learn things about myself that make me less effective as a leader and, most importantly, helping me to learn what adjustments need to be made to be more effective. As a leader, it is your responsibility to bring out the best in others and Mike is doing a fantastic job at this with all of us in the group. I look forward to these next several months with Mike and the others in the Leadership sessions!! Thank you for allowing me to participate in this Amazing adventure!


Director of Hospital Services

As the CEO of the hospital, I have been very pleased with the growth and development I have witnessed in those managers who have completed the leadership training course. I would highly recommend this training to any type of organization who must be customer-focused, provide quality goods and/or services and needs a high-performance team to achieve success.

D. Wright, MSBA, RN



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