Dream Life Design:
Comprehensive Life Planning and Mental Health Management



Terry launched his life coaching practice off of the success of his blog, The Lion’s Life, rated one of the top 30 life blogs online. After launching his company, VanCity Life Coach Inc. in 2014, Terry quickly became recognized as one of the top Life and Relationship Coaches in Vancouver, Canada, and has since expanded his practice internationally.

In the summer of 2018 Terry launched a cannabis-friendly meditation program, Infinite Life, designed with independent mental health management in mind.

Terry’s method to coaching is like no other in the industry. With an empathetic and non-aggressive approach, Terry prides himself on educating his clients about their unique value as he helps them develop a plan to attain fulfillment. His coaching model puts his clients’ identity at the centre of their development, emphasizing the value of self-expression and individuality.

Dedicated to evolving the human experience, Terry's mission is to not only provide a reassuring service, but to raise industry standards, and make life coaching services more accessible so that every individual can realize their value.


Dream Life Design: Comprehensive Life Planning and Mental Health Management

This is a community about EMPOWERMENT, about SELF-REALIZATION, and facing the TRUTH within, so that you can build a life of FULFILLMENT.

Welcome to Dream Life Design!

A personal development community designed to help you unlock your individual potential, increase self-awareness and build the life you’ve always dreamed of.

This course will guide your through a series of programs to help you understand who you are, what you want, and how to make it happen in a healthy and mindful manner.

By incorporating 3 essential development philosophies, Dream Life Design hands you, the learner, tools to manage and improve your life's experience:

1. PSYCHOLOGY (Desire) - Learn about motivation and behavior and how to harness a self-actualized state of mind.

2. MARKETING (Management) - Develop the tools to effectively manage and plan your life based on your identity.

3. SPIRITUALITY (Awareness) - Discover ways to stay focused, better manage your mental health and how to restore clarity and confidence.

You'll also be invited to Live Webinars and Q+A Sessions to complement and enhance your learning, in addition to all the content provided in this community.

So whether you’re looking to travel South East Asia like Christina from Moldova, parachute out of a plane like Andrew from The United States, or become an entrepreneur like Vanessa from Korea, joins us today and start building the life you've always dreamed of!


...individuals looking to increase self-awareness and productivity. Develop Direction and Purpose. Set Goals and Plan their Lives. Unleash their Identity and Develop Confidence. Increase Motivation and Improve Mental Health.


Dream Life Design includes:

- The Step-By-Step Life Planning Process
- Video Lectures, complete with lesson outlines and summaries to help keep you on track
- Homework Tasks with Excel Worksheets Provided
- Example WorkSheets Included
- Printable Life Planning Poster
- Access to Live Q&A Webinars

The course curriculum includes:

1. Discover who you are and what motivates your identity. (18:18)
2. How to effectively self-evaluate and reflect. (20:09)
3. How to develop aspirations and purpose (17:49)
4. How to establish changes and life missions. (13:34)
5. How to set goals and achieve life missions. (12:14)
6. How to set objectives and achieve goals. (12:51)
7. How to build your "Dream Life" (26:19)


Access to this course and online community is a one-time fee of $597.

This subscription gives you unlimited access to the content now available, and future content and lessons added in this community.

Once enrolled, access this expert community at the LOGIN link above. Look for an email from the coach with dial up information for the live webinars. Post your questions and comments for the expert, and your fellow community members. Content shared in this community is available to registered participants only.

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"The course helped me change my perspective on people and situations in my life, and showed me some techniques and tools to better myself, stay positive and move forward in my life."



"Terry first helps you figure out what makes you 'tick' then helps you formulate a plan that will allow you to reach your goals, starting with the person you are at the beginning. He teaches you what you need to understand regarding the model he presents, and gives you the tools to build it."


Pharmaceutical Sales Manager

"It made me realize how to have a more balanced, more fulfilling and more enjoyable life. Before, I was holding onto old beliefs and old mindsets that really didn't help me. The lessons are incredibly inspiring and I value your expertise and support, thanks for the motivation and self-direction I needed."


Self Employed


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