Linda Nazareth is an economist, author and speaker with an expertise in demographics and the future of work. The Senior Fellow for Economics and Population Change at think-tank the Macdonald Laurier Institute, Linda is the author of Work Is Not a Place: Our Lives and Our Organizations in the Post-Jobs Economy (2019), a columnist for the Globe and Mail and a frequent writer and speaker on the trends re-shaping the economy.

Demographics for Business
Course launches on March 25, 2019

Starting with an overview of the way that population change shapes the broader economy, this course will take students through the projected changes in U.S. and global population and look at the implications for business planning. Students will learn about big picture changes and the ways that they will affect the economy, financial markets, and the future marketplace. Taking things to a more micro level, coming out of this course students will have the tools to use demographics for strategic planning for everything from human resource needs through to market development.


...anyone involved in strategic or human resource planning, who is developing a business plan or who needs to understand the changing consumer marketplace.


1. Participants will understand the big picture on demographics and why it is re-shaping the U.S. and world economy

2. Participants will be able to use demographic forecasting to assess the outlook of a variety of products and industries

3. Participants will be able to construct human resources plans that include demographic forecasts specific to their own companies and industries


Access to this course and online community is a one-time fee of $399US per person. This subscription gives you unlimited access to the course materials.

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Access to this expert community includes eight 30-minute videos narrated by Linda Nazareth on demographics and their practical applications to business. Through this course there is a heavy emphasis on explaining concepts visually through easy-to-understand graphics and through the use of examples.

Video topics include:

• The basics: what are demographics, how do the affect the economy and the business cycle and how do the economy and the business cycle affect them?

• Taking the Pulse: The demographic profile of the U.S. and the other key global players. Who is out there and what are their economic priorities?

• Demographics and the consumer market: what will population changes mean for your favorite products and for the future of the service industries?

• Demographics and the financial markets. How can we use demographic change to predict the stock and bond markets?

• Demographics and the labor market, Part I: how will demographics affect the future of the workforce? What do the trends mean for labor shortages and the unemployment rate? How will employers have to adapt in the future?

• Demographics and the labor market, Part II: What will your generational mix look like in the future and how should you plan for it? What are the best practices for human resource planning given the demographic picture?

• Demographics and Where We Live: Population shifts, economic and attitude shifts and what that means for where we live and for the real estate markets.

• Demographic Boot Camp: Summary of the course and its conclusions, including a ‘cheat sheet’ of facts and suggestions as to how to implement them in your business.

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