Essence Meditation Made Easy...For YOUR Health, Sanity, and Creativity

Course Overview and Sample Lesson

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Sample Lesson

Welcome to the free introduction to my class- Essence Meditation Made Easy for YOUR Health, Sanity and Creativity. In this video I describe to you the general flow of the 8-week class. For true change to happen I have always found it important to weave rich content containing new perspectives, easy to apply exercises, and much more focusing upon all aspects of mind, heart and body. In light of this desire to be a teacher and friend to support you in lasting change for the better, whether it be from discomfort to comfort or from comfort to dynamic transformation I have crafted a class that is sophisticated in how each topic is presented and each call to action is introduced. My passion is YOUR SUCCESS and I am here not only because of my own level of growth but also because I believe in YOU.

Included in this overview is a sample of a lesson entitled, ‘The Teacher Dissolves the Teacher.”

Enjoy! And hope to see you on the inside!

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Subscribing to a community offers you access to all content currently included with a course, as well as future content added. You can engage with the expert as well as your fellow students.

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Overview and FREE Sample Lessons

Get Your Self Ready

  Tip 1. Set Yourself up for Success
  Tip 2. How to Prepare Externally
  Tip 3. Prepare Internally
  Tip 4. Decide
  Tip 5. Schedule
  Tip 6. Silence
  Special Message For Teams and Groups
Week 1. Breathing Freedom

  Why is Freedom Important?
  The Power of Meditation
  Understanding Self-Care as Non-Negotiable
Week 1. Daily Meditation

  Monday. Breath and the Spine
  Tuesday. Breath and the Solar Plexus
  Wednesday. Breath and the Nose
  Thursday. Breath and the Palms
  Friday. Breathing Peace
Week 2. Sanity

  What is Sanity and How is It Possible in an Insane World?
  How To Access Your Sanity. A Fish In Water
  Meet Your Beating Heart
Week 2. Daily Meditation

  Monday. Heartbeat Connection
  Tuesday. Heartbeat and Conflict
  Wednesday. Heartbeat and Your World
  Thursday. Heartbeat and What You Want
  Heartbeat and Compassion
Week 3. Getting Serious About Challenge

  Tension, Misunderstanding, Conflict...What To Do?
  Practice One. Name It!
  Practice Two. The Teacher Dissolves the Teacher
  Essence Meditation Technique
Week 3. Daily Meditation

  Monday. So Hum
  Tuesday. Harness Intention
  Wednesday. Sat Nam
  Friday. Clouds
  Thursday. Pulse
Week 4. Inspiration Is Integral

  What Is Inspiration?
  Discover.Find.Return.Act On...
Week 4. Daily Meditation

  Introduction to Sound
  Monday. Bumble Bee
  Tuesday. Rah
  Wednesday. Fire Breath
  Thursday. Kalm
  Friday. Ocean Waves
Week 5. Arrow-like Focus and Concentration

  You Can Do Great Things!
  Simplicity, Spaciousness, and Balance.
Week 5. Daily Meditation

  Introduction to Your Body
  Monday. Wisdom Chi Kung
  Tuesday. Walking
  Wednesday. Prostrations
  Thursday. Inner Smile
  Friday. Grounding Through the Toes
Week 6.Replace Resistance With Ease

  Powerlessness, Patterns and Protections: Common Reasons for Resistance
  Ways to Work with Resistance
  You Have More Resiliency Than What You May Think!
Week 6. Daily Meditation

  Introduction to Observation
  Monday. Observing the Mind
  Tuesday. Observing the Body
  Wednesday. Observing the Intention
  Thursday. Observing the Word
  Friday. Observing the Room
Week 7.A Place for Passion

  Passionate about Being Passionate
  Finding, Tapping and Living Your Passion
  Dissolving Boundaries With Your Imagination
Week 7. Daily Meditation

  Monday. Keeping Vigil
  Tuesday. Journey Into the Earth
  Wednesday. Sitting Around the Fire
  Thursday. Time Travel
  Journey To A Plateau
Week 8.Power Skills

  Increase Energy. Decrease Stress
Week 8. Daily Meditation

  Monday. Circle of Support
  Tuesday. The Breath of Creation
  Wednesday. Alternate Nostril Breathing
  Thursday. Soft Eyes
  Friday. The You That Is More
The BIG Send-Off!

  Sustaining Momentum
  REVIEW and DEEPEN: Essence Meditation Technique

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