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How to Fix Your Broken Digital Marketing with Kevin Adema

A conversation with marketing expert Kevin Adema, digital strategist, keynote speaker, consultant and author of Mastering Digital Strategy on how to fix broken digital marketing. Kevin shares his top tips and actionable steps to start fixing your digital marketing, and what motivates him on a daily basis.

Creating Your Pitch with John Livesay

A conversation with John Livesay, The Pitch Whisperer on what motivates and inspires him, and top tips on how to create your own pitch or presentation.

Implementing Positive Change with Kimberly Braun

A conversation with TEDx speaker Rev. Kimberly Braun on what motivates and inspires her. Kimberly shares her top tips on how to implement positive change for individuals and corporations immediately. Kimberly Braun is an Ingomu Learning Platform Expert. Find her Learning Community "Essence Meditation Made Easy...For YOUR Health, Sanity ...

The Principles of Positive Leadership with Kurt A. David

A conversation with Kurt A. David on what motivates and inspires him on a daily basis. He talks about positive leadership, and its impact on a person’s life or team. He discusses three principles of positive leadership that can be implemented today.