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Ingomu Learning announces the formation of our new Advisory Board

Ingomu Learning is pleased to announce the formation of our new Advisory Board. This board will help shape and guide the strategy of Ingomu Learning, working closely with the leadership team.

The advisory board is comprised of:


Tracey is a Certified Accessible Yoga Teacher in private practice in Bermuda. Her area of expertise is guiding older women in yoga practice, because so often older women in bigger bodies are ignored by the yoga community. She teaches with care and respect; practitioners feel safe and comfortable in bodies they have forgotten to love. As part of the Ingomu Learning Advisory Board, she will guide the team on diversity and share her expertise on accessible yoga practices, part of Ingomu’s health and wellbeing initiative. 


The author of three business bestsellers, including How to Become an Employer of Choice, Lean & Meaningful: A New Culture for Corporate America, and Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People, Joyce has been writing and speaking about leading high-performance teams for over 25 years. With an MBA from Fordham University, she has spoken on seven continents and is regularly quoted in the national press, including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and most recently, Joyce in TIME Magazine. Moreover, she has appeared on local and national television in the US, New Zealand, and Ghana more than 70 times. Joyce is looking forward to share her enthusiasm for what works in corporate cultures throughout the world through Ingomu’s technologies.


Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and Founder of VanCity Life Coach Inc., Terry Sidhu, is on a mission to "help evolve the human experience." Terry's intention is to teach and inspire independent mental health management and break people free from a cycle of misery and self-neglect, with the range of services he offers. Utilizing his education in Marketing and Psychology, paired with his childhood education in Meditation, Terry's multidisciplinary approach has put him in high demand for his personal development services. Terry brings his marketing and coaching experience to Ingomu’s VR and AI initiatives.

Detailed biographies of our Advisory Board members can be found here.


At Ingomu we believe in uplifting humankind by making a positive difference in the lives of many. We have made it our mission to help you be more. We connect learners with brilliant coaches who help you grow, personally and professionally.