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Daily Activities That Lead to Success

Ever wonder what it takes to be successful? It starts with a routine, a daily habit, a mindset. In this post our coaches share the activity they do every day to lead a successful life.

One thing I do every morning is taking look at my goals. I look at my monthly, yearly, and long-term goals, and I write three daily goals that will help get me there. It inspires me daily.
Alison Smidl

I exercise every morning. It gives me mental clarity and physical energy.
Linda Mazie

Journal!! Every morning before anyone else in my house is up, I take time to journal. This time really allows me to get clear about my day, my goals, and anything I might have going on in my mind that needs attention. I've found this one daily practice to be refreshing and insightful!
Britt Brandon

Practicing my gratitude every morning as soon as I wake up has really helped me with my success. For me it is a special ritual of gratitude that I do every morning. I take 30 minutes to pray and to feel gratitude for every single thing I have in my life, for every experience and every person.
Yaribel Hernandez

A self-check-in where I take time to connect with how I feel and what I need that day. This has been a really helpful practice as it keeps me attuned to areas where I want to focus on growth and prosperity. It also keeps me down to earth and, in the moment, rather than stuck in my head.
Philip Hicks

I remember to be in the present moment and come back to my breath, which gives me the gratitude I need to keep showing up. I also never lose sight of my purpose even when the odds feel stacked against me.
Jessica Bahr

Spiritual practices including meditation, breathwork, dreamwork and walking in the moonlight setting intentions adds to my success...and I do them every day!
Ronit LeMon

I know speaking about religion and faith is controversial these days and I recognize that I could lose clients because of this, but prayer is a major component of my daily success routine. Prayer helps me focus, relax, and center myself. It also gives me the strength to face and overcome barriers and maintain that positive and growth outlook that is so vital to success and happiness.
Matt Rogers

I keep a small journal titled "Everyday" and each day I write down what I've done for my business, even if it's very small. This ensures that I am always moving in the right direction, even when I don't feel like I am. At any time, I can do a "lookback" at the last month or last six months to remind myself of how far I've come.
Jen Nash

I try to take time out for myself every day to decompress.
Mya Wilson

I read every day. It might be an audio book, or a magazine, or something from a newspaper, but I try to read every day. I make a plan, but I also have a plan B and C. I am also grateful for all the amazing people I have in my life.
Laura Meverden

I make my bed. Every. Morning.
Victor Ung

The one thing I do every day that adds to my success is I set an intention for the day every morning.
Michelle Venturelli

I begin each day with at least ten minutes in quiet contemplation to start the day on a positive note. I also set yearly, monthly, and weekly goals and can't live without my daily planner.
Courtney Bennett

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