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15 Pieces of Advice to Inspire You

We work with an amazing group of diverse coaches. They come from varied backgrounds and their experiences have shaped their teachings. Ingomu’s mission to uplift humankind by making a positive difference in the lives of many drives what we do. We’ve asked our coaches to share a piece of advice that will uplift others, making a positive difference. These inspiring lessons shared by 15 of our coaches can teach you a lot.

“Consider every challenge and every issue a gift. It is through these experiences that we become stronger and learn to better understand our personal resources. Every single experience in life has a purpose, it's our job to get the most from each and every one.”
Amanda Fracanzani

“You cannot change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to always reach your destination. It may be that life begins at the end of our comfort zone.”
Mariela Tragash

“When in doubt, just put on a good song and dance it out! Sometimes some of the most simplistic things in life can change your day, your outlook, and even your perspective!”
Danielle Alex

“Whether it be personal or professional, always ask yourself if you feel a healthy alignment with this. Because if something feels out of alignment, the universe is trying to tell you something so you can realign yourself for a better life. “
Eric Casaccio

“Any disaster can be turned into a blessing. Mistakes are just opportunities to learn and grow. So, never ever give up.”
Arlene Cohen Miller

“Life is a journey - think of it as a marathon - not a sprint. Every step of the way, the mountains and valleys of life make us who we are. Do the best you can, give it all you have got, and don't waste time worrying about making mistakes, or dwelling on past mistakes. Instead, learn and become more resilient from them and keep moving forward. Never let fear or regret hold you back - you will regret the thing you didn't do. As Goethe said: "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius power and magic in it."
Courtney Bennett

“Life is a gift worthwhile living every day. Set goals and work hard and consistently towards them. Enjoy the journey you are creating. Laugh, listen to music, sing, have faith, be polite, be curious and positive. Maintain contact with nature. Be generous with yourself and others. It is OK if you are not perfect. Be willing to learn, unlearn and relearn.”
Claire Venetsanakou

“You can have peace in your life no matter the circumstances.”
Kevin Kreiman

“Above all else, stay teachable. Too often we feel we must have all of the answers. In fact, our success lies in the ability to ask the right questions, and to remain open to the information and intuition that is available to us. I am not sure about you, but the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know. That is a wondrous thing.”
Robert Rund

“Every challenge you face is an opportunity to level up, you have what it takes.”
Peta Williams

“Surround yourself with more positivity than negativity (people; news; social media). Don’t ignore what’s happening in the world – you need to receive some fact-based news in order to make informed decisions professionally and personally. Just counter the negatives with seven times more positives each time.”
Sylvia Henderson

“To totally believe in yourself, realize the greatness of who you are and that you really DO matter!”
Kate Heartsong

“As humans, we have far greater control over our health than we realize.”
Asunta Simoloka

“Number your days and get a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90). What do I think is the wisdom? There is no time like the present to start working on your dreams. Do whatever it is you know you must do today, not tomorrow.”
Ira Lovitch

“It is often in the darkest moments that faith is rediscovered.” Robert A. Rimbo 

“You are never defeated until you have accepted defeat, life will be challenging, believe in yourself and know you can overcome whatever you are facing. Step back, breathe, get your mind right, make a plan and take action.”
Sifu Karl Romain