10 Questions with Peter Kozodoy

Peter Kozodoy is a business columnist and author, keynote speaker, serial Inc.5000 entrepreneur, and the Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of GEM Advertising. His articles on business, leadership and entrepreneurship regularly appear in Inc., Forbes, The Huffington Post and more. Peter has spoken at Microsoft, the US Department of Commerce, CEO Clubs of America, Digital Book World, Rotary and other organizations on topics including the Millennial mindset, consumer experience, and the power of honesty in achieving both personal and professional success. He is a member of both Entrepreneur’s Organization (New York Chapter) and the Young Entrepreneur Council, and currently serves on the boards of the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce and Junior Achievement in Connecticut. Peter is a Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Economics from Brandeis University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Why are you passionate about the topic you speak about?

I write and speak about how brutal honesty leads to personal and professional success. I'm obsessed with this topic because of what happened during my quarter-life crisis, when I learned that I had been fundamentally dishonest with myself about what I truly wanted in life and about what it would take to get there. After studying and practicing brutal honesty, I now know that honesty can be used as a tool to create massive success both in life and in businesses both large and small. 

What is the best advice you have ever received as an expert, speaker or coach?

Success or failure is all in your mind. Win there, and you'll win everywhere.

Who do you admire and why?

Marcus Lemonis, for embarking on a mission to help other entrepreneurs when he could have taken his millions and retired on the beach in Costa Rica.

What is one piece of advice you could share with our readers to uplift them in life/career?

You've got one life... so do it all.

What is your favorite book?

The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph by Ryan Holiday.

What do you do to relax?

Binge watch Netflix, of course!

What are some of the challenges you face as a speaker, expert or coach and how do you overcome those?

A core challenge for any business, including my own, is spending the right amount of time marketing vs. servicing clients - and even knowing what activities to do that will yield the best ROI. To help this, I make and maintain lists of to-dos’, and ask myself: "Is there one thing here that I can do that would make the others obsolete?" This helps me narrow in on the few things that really matter, and I do those first. 

How do you see the world of coaching and speaking evolve over the next 5 years?

Education is changing drastically, and the future is peer-to-peer learning. The most powerful part of this shift is that individuals around the world can find mentors who have been through and successfully overcome the exact same challenges and learn directly from those mentors whenever and wherever there is internet access.

What technology can't you live without?

Email - I'm old fashioned like that.

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