60-Day Sales Challenge



With over two decades of business experience, and serving as CEO of her coaching & speaking practice, Chris has become known for her ability to identify and remove the obstacles that keep people stuck from realizing the massive results they have the opportunity to achieve, whether in business or life.

Chris is an award winning coach, a speaker and bestselling author. Her expertise has been shared on Bloomberg Radio, Fox, ABC and the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. She also sits on several advisory boards where she lends her wisdom and love for philanthropy. Her skill, wisdom, and charisma draw rave reviews at lectures, conferences, workshops, and universities in the United States and Canada. Learn more about Chris at chrisatley.com.


60-Day Sales Challenge

This is a 60-day sales intensive with the goal being an increase in sales activity, confidence and clarity, while gaining renewed momentum and results.

We will focus on practical sales strategies along with the psychology of sales, in order for you to truly be of service during the discovery process. This will leave you and your prospects feeling empowered and excited about the next steps.

“Sales is not something you to do someone, it is something you do for someone.” ~ Bob Proctor

We will take a deep dive and identify where you stop (often with hearing "no" multiple times), and the root cause (not at all what you’re thinking), of the feelings associated with a “no”, so that you can identify what is holding you back at a core level and create a new reality instead.

We will also discover how your thoughts create your own reality, and how to control your time and emotions by operating from a personal values-based approach. This is about you taking a stand for YOU and the business and life you are wanting to create. You and your dreams are worth it.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
~ Gandhi


...entrepreneurs, small business owners, health practitioners, real estate agents, network marketers and any professional in a sales role, who:

- Is struggling with sales and not wanting to come across as "salesy"

- Is not seeing the business results they want and can't figure out what is going on

- Believes it's possible to have the results, and therefore the life they want

- Has seen some success in their business / practice


9 video sessions with more than 4 hours of content.

- Training call on the power of the subconscious mind, and how it holds business owners back specifically.

- Sales tracking tool to measure sales and conversation rates.

- Ebook on the Psychology of Sales.

- Empowered Sales Script for Discovery Calls, and Overcoming Objections template.

- Exercises and templates, to help you explore your core values, set boundaries, tackle tolerations, and gain control over your time (all things keeping you stuck).


Access to this course and online community is a one-time fee of $297US per person. This subscription gives you unlimited access to the content now available and weekly sessions added for the duration of the 60 day course.

You may also purchase access to the course with a 60-minute one-on-one private coaching session with the expert, Chris Atley, added for $597, where she will guide you through an exercise to uncover your specific block. Others have shared this alone is the equivalent to 10-years of therapy. It is highly suggested to book this call prior to starting your online course.

Once enrolled, access this expert community at the LOGIN link above. Post your questions and comments for the expert, and your fellow community members. Content shared in this community is available to registered participants only. If you purchased access with the coaching option, the coach will contact you to schedule your one-on-one session.

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Want to learn more about this course "60-Day Sales Challenge" with Chris Atley? Have questions? Would you like private access for your company, organization or association? Book a one-on-one or group coaching session, or hire the coach to virtually present at your meeting or conference? Reach out and we will connect with you shortly.



“When I first connected with Chris Atley I expected to get some help with my small business but our time together not only helped to grow my business and career but also transformed my life in all aspects including past hurts, current loves, parenting practices and learning how to be my best self. I am forever changed and grateful.”

Sholeh Fabbri

Executive Producer, ET Canada

“As a result of taking Chris’ Deep Dive group class, some unexpected changes occurred. I had been feeling depleted due to recent business results. I had been successful before as an executive coach, but something had shifted inside. I was nervous about sales and couldn’t shake the negative energy. I was talking to the wrong prospective clients and taking the results personally. As a result of doing some deeper subconscious work with Chris, I realized I didn’t feel worthy enough. I was looking to parents and even past clients for approval and reassurance, instead of seeing value in myself. After becoming aware and shifting these bigger blocks, I was able to manifest my dream relationship!

A friend I’ve known for a long time, I had never felt worthy enough of a relationship with her in the past. I shifted my energy and started loving again, and more importantly loving myself. As a natural result of being in such a loving relationship and raising my vibration, my business started flowing again and I am working with some amazing clients! Thank-you for your gentle yet powerful help Chris.”

Jack Austin

Founder & CEO, Quantum Breakthroughs

“During the 6 months I worked with Chris as my personal coach I transformed so much of my thinking, learned an incredible amount about myself and expanded my business and personal relationships. The knowledge and self awareness I have gained is invaluable. I learned the practice of love and gratitude on an entirely new level. My results in business on a personal level were tremendous. I am a network marketing professional and in the short 6 months of personal coaching I exceeded my goals to sponsor over 15 new business partners in my central business. As well as adding over 25 new clients. I can’t thank Chris enough for everything she has brought to my life.”

Melanie Booth

National Vice President, Arbonne International

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Want to learn more about this course "60-Day Sales Challenge" with Chris Atley? Have questions? Would you like private access for your company, organization or association? Book a one-on-one or group coaching session, or hire the coach to virtually present at your meeting or conference? Reach out and we will connect with you shortly.